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Category: Assault

Category: Assault
What is the Difference Between Assault and Battery
April 14, 2024 | Nirav Babu | Assault
In Maryland, knowing the difference between assault and battery is vital. Although people often use these terms interchangeabl...
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What Are the Types of Assault
April 9, 2024 | Nirav Babu | Assault
Awareness of the types of assault is important if you're facing assault charges or if you're a victim of assault. Assault can ...
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What is Aggravated Assault?
April 4, 2024 | Nirav Babu | Assault
Aggravated assault is a serious crime that goes beyond a simple assault charge in Maryland. It involves an attack that leads t...
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What Happens When You Charge Someone for Assault
April 2, 2024 | Nirav Babu | Assault
If you have been charged with criminal assault, you know how this can change your life. Charging someone with assault involves...
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