Case Results

Victories Won For Our Criminal Defense Clients
Acquittal in Complex Fraud Case
Not Guilty
The Defendant was implicated in a complicated investment fraud scheme involving multiple parties. Our legal team meticulously dissected financial transactions and communications, highlighting significant gaps in the prosecution's narrative. Expert witnesses were brought in to challenge the evidence's reliability, undermining the case against Alex T. The jury, persuaded by our comprehensive defense, returned a verdict of not guilty.
DUI Charge Dismissed
The Defendant faced DUI charges after failing a roadside sobriety test. We contested the accuracy and administration of the test, arguing that it was influenced by the Defendant's medical condition, which affected her balance. Further, we questioned the arresting officer's training in conducting such tests. The judge, acknowledging these concerns, dismissed the charges.
Successful Defense in Aggravated Assault Case
Case Dropped
The Defendant was charged with aggravated assault following a neighborhood dispute. Our defense team obtained and analyzed surveillance footage that contradicted the prosecution's account of events. We also brought forward witnesses who testified to the Defendant's character and the context of the altercation. The evidence we presented was compelling enough to have the case dropped before trial.
Victory in Embezzlement Case
Not Guilty
The Defendant was accused of embezzling funds from her employer. Our defense strategy involved a detailed analysis of the company's financial records, which revealed systemic issues and multiple discrepancies. We argued that these discrepancies made it impossible to conclusively link the missing funds to the Defendant. The jury, swayed by the lack of direct evidence, found the Defendant not guilty.
Drug Possession Charges Overturned
The Defendant faced charges for possession of controlled substances found in his vehicle. We challenged the legality of the vehicle search, arguing that it violated the Defendant's Fourth Amendment rights. By demonstrating procedural errors in the search process, we cast doubt on the admissibility of the seized evidence. The judge agreed with our argument, leading to a dismissal of all charges.
Plea Bargain in Hit and Run Case
Reduced Sentence
In a challenging hit and run case, the Defendant faced significant charges due to the severity of the incident. Our team engaged in rigorous negotiations with the prosecution, arguing mitigating circumstances and the Defendant's lack of prior offenses. We secured a plea deal that reduced the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor, accompanied by community service. This outcome significantly minimized the potential legal and personal repercussions for the Defendant.
Self-Defense in Manslaughter Case
Charged with manslaughter, the Defendant's case stemmed from a fatal confrontation where he claimed self-defense. We meticulously gathered and presented eyewitness testimonies and forensic evidence supporting the Defendant's version of events. Our argument emphasized the imminent threat he faced, aligning with self-defense laws. The jury, persuaded by the evidence and our argument, acquitted the Defendant of all charges.
Defense in Cybercrime Case
Case Dropped
The Defendant was implicated in a high-profile cybercrime ring, facing serious allegations. We scrutinized the digital evidence and highlighted numerous technical inconsistencies in the prosecution's case. Our defense also involved bringing in cybersecurity experts who testified about alternative explanations for the digital footprint linked to Hannah. The prosecution's case unraveled under our scrutiny, leading to a dismissal of all charges against the Defendant.
Shoplifting Charges Dismissed
The Defendant was wrongfully accused of shoplifting based on store security footage. We provided clear alibi evidence, including time-stamped video and witness statements, proving the Defendant's whereabouts during the incident. Additionally, we highlighted significant discrepancies in the physical description between the Defendant and the actual perpetrator. The prosecution, unable to refute our evidence, dismissed the shoplifting charges.
Defense in Public Intoxication Case
Not Guilty
The Defendant was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct following an incident in a public area. We presented evidence that the Defendant was experiencing a medical episode at the time, not intoxication. Expert medical testimony supported our argument, providing clear explanations for her behavior. The jury, convinced by our defense, returned a verdict of not guilty.